Finding the Right Leg Brace for Your Dog

If you own a dog and the dog is having mobility problems then you should bring the pet to your veterinarian to get checked for a possible dog ACL tear. This is a fairly common injury and if not properly treated it could negatively impact the quality of life for your dog. What you will need to do if you are facing a dog ACL tear is look for dog braces specially designed for this injury.

Identifying the Right Brace Manufacturer

When you have identified the type of brace best suited for dogs suffering from an ACL tear you need to start assessing the companies that are making them. The first thing you should look at is how long the company has been manufacturing braces for dogs. You naturally want a company that has been doing this for a considerable amount of time and has a well-established reputation. If the company has been around for a few years you should check for any product recalls.

After you have found the dog brace manufacturers that have been making braces for a considerable number of years you need to start doing your research. Find out whether there are any independent scientific studies attesting to the effectiveness of the dog braces. If there are independent studies published you should look at the reputation of the organization conducting the report. The reason you need to screen these organizations is to make sure the study is scientifically sound and not monetarily motivated. Once you are satisfied with the suitability of the dog brace you can start looking for the online vendors that are selling them.

dog ACL tear

Getting a Great Deal on the Dog Brace

When you have figured out which brand of dog brace is the most suitable for your pet you should write down your dog’s measurements so you can get the right sized dog brace. List all of the online retailers that are selling the specific dog brace you are interested in buying. Note the asking price that each vendor is going to charge you and find out whether that price also includes expedited shipping. Your dog is in pain so you have to get that brace as soon as possible. Does your dog have insurance? If it does then the costs associated with purchasing the brace may be covered but in either scenario you should look for the vendor that has the most competitive offering. 

Something you should confirm prior to making the decision to buy the brace for your dog is whether the retailer has an exchange policy in place. If there is no exchange policy and the brace does not fit properly you could be required to pay an additional shipping fee just to get a brace for your dog. Only when you have completed all of these steps can you move ahead and make the purchase knowing your dog is going to feel much better.