Food Additives Like Carrageenan – Harmful or Not?

There is so much that we need to learn about the things that are being put into our food. Now it is one thing if you are going into the grocery store and you are only buying raw ingredients. For instance, if you are going into the vegetable and fruit isles, and you are getting a bunch of things. Then you go ahead and get some chicken and beef, along with some cheese and other condiments. In this instance, you are doing your best to eat naturally, and you will have very few additives in the food that you are eating.

If you are arranging your meals in such a way, the only thing you will need to worry about is how those vegetables, fruits and meats are treated. For instance, there is a reason a lot of people like to go with organic fruits and vegetables, and grass-fed beef. These things may not make a difference to a large percentage of the population, but a lot of people care about the origin of their fruits, vegetables and meats. And if you are thinking in such a way, we can understand why the food additives in prepared food would scare you away.


But we should talk a little bit about additives. We need to talk beyond the scare tactics. Because unlike what some say, additives such as carrageenan are not inherently bad for you. Yes, we can understand why some would say they just do not want to eat any additives. But we should add that just because there is an additive in something, it does not automatically make it unhealthy or bad for you. Many additives are harmless and are not going to do anything to you, unless you are consuming them in enormous doses in a short period.

So, why are these additives even in our food? What are they all about? This is a good question. The reason why the additives are present is usually because you are looking to preserve food that has to sit on the shelves or in the fridges. Another reason is to add better flavor and consistency to certain dishes. And the additive we mentioned earlier falls into the latter category. It is added for consistency purposes, and you are typically going to see it contained in desserts and other dishes of a similar vein. And it is not bad for you at all.

If you are worried about some specific additive, and you feel as though it should not be in the things that you are eating or drinking, we can understand your logic. And what we would say is that you should look at ways of getting informed about different additives. Read the labels of what you buy, look out for allergy warnings, and do a Google search about any ingredient or additive that you have never heard of before. It will allow you to have a full idea of what you are putting into your body when you are buying those types of foods and meals.